I am kicking myself right now…

I started cloth diapering with my newest baby and I am so mad at myself for not doing it with all my babies!! These diapers are too freaking CUTE!!! It’s so much easier than one would think too…I was apprehensive at first, but after using the first one I was very happy!!

Have you ever seen a butt that looked this cute?

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Pay it forward

Yesterday I had to do a mystery shop for a daycare, when I got home and went to do my paperwork, I realized I didn’t have my wallet.  I almost had a heart attack…well maybe I did have a slight heart attack.  I’ve never lost my entire wallet before.  I sat around for hours calling all the places I’d been to and hoping someone would have the decency to fess up if they did find it.

The last place I’d been was a car lot to test drive a few cars…I KNOW I had it in my hand when I test drove the first car.  I called the place up and asked the dealer if he’d found it.  He sent his employee to go check inside the two cars that I tested out.  He came back on the line and told me nothing was found.  My heart sank.  I had EVERYTHING in my wallet, all five of our kid’s social security cards, my ID, my school ID, a voided check, my bank card, all of my credit cards and so on….

I was sick to my stomach thinking of all the possibilities.   I was making up possible scenarios of my kids having their identities stolen and having horrible credit before they were even old enough to have credit.  I thought about how I’d have to replace my ID with no way to identify myself, because all of it was in my wallet…I was a nervous wreck.

My husband came home and we had to go to Walmart for some groceries, as we were walking through the Golden Corral parking lot, this man drove up and said, “Hey do you know this lady?” and showed us my ID!!!  I about jumped out of my skin because I was so relieved!! He then pulled out the rest of my wallet and told us he’d found it in the middle of the road…right in front of that car dealership.  Thankfully, everything was in it.  I offered the man some money for returning it, but he refused and simply said that he wanted it back with the rightful owner and that was good enough for him.  This man had driven miles to return my wallet.  He didn’t have to do that at all…he’d gone to our house that was listed on my ID and just happened to see us walking and recognize me from the picture on my ID.

I’m so thankful that this man was so kind to go out of his way to do a good deed…now I hope that all of you would go and do a good deed for someone…pay it forward, because you’ll never know when you may need it in return.  Fill up your karma bank with random acts of kindness that are expecting no return…then one day when you least expect it and need it most, the favor may be returned to you!!

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Hello WordPress!

I was going to leave this blog titled “Hello World” but I don’t know if that’s going to be the case.  I’ve heard about WordPress and had actually opted to start with a tumblr account instead at first.  I still don’t know if I’ll like WordPress, but we shall see…

I do like the input box here, the font is easier to read than on Myspace, the site I originally started blogging on.  I’ll tell you, once you get started blogging, it can be addictive.

I feel myself evolving right now into another person…not a different person, but maybe a more adult person.  I remember going through different “stages” in my life.  One when I turned 17 and was able to drive.  The next was 18, not such a biggie for me really because I was still in and out of my mom’s house at that point.  Then there was 21!! Woo hoo, wow those were some fun times, or at least I think they were?  jk   I actually didn’t start drinking much until 23…the next change in my life.

Then came 25…this was a biggie.  I uprooted my entire existence *a total of 6 bags* and moved with my (then) boyfriend to Florida from NJ.  That’s where this life I’m in began…and now I feel like there is another one in store for me in the very near future.

Join me on the journey of this change in my life.  Subscribe and please feel free to leave a link of your own personal blog.  🙂

My posts will range from recipes to stories, from good deals to everyday musings.   I will also have a private list, if that’s possible here…hence the reason I didn’t leave the title of the blog “Hello World”  It may just be “Hello few close friends and readers”….we’ll see as the time comes.

Add me on Myspace too 🙂

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